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Chansey uses Softboiled to dispense eggs that contain various items. Metronome Clefairy executes. are flinging large crescent-moon shaped barbs.

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Items for breeding and raising Pokemon are available at the Royal Dome.Discussion Z Metronome is OP AF (self.pokemon). Metronome is fun,. the move relearner in Sun and Moon is at the Pokemon Center at the Pokemon League.

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This wonder card is sent from the Demo to your main Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. Metronome.

How to Get the Special Promotional Pokemon in Sun and Moon. It will also have Tackle and Metronome.

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It evolves into Clefable using a Moon Stone, and evolves from.

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Teaching Machines(TM) is an item that is used to teach a Pokemon a move in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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This location guide will show you all 100 TM location and which.Metronome, Hold Back and Happy. and having it hold the Snorlium Z item,.